What makes Prince George home? by Cynthia Potschka

They say that home is where the heart is.  For me, Prince George is where my heart is, but the city, it’s natural beauty, and the community are a bonus that makes me grateful that my heart is here.

I was born in Prince George – but did not live here for most of my life.  In May 2018 I began a long cross-country journey by car to come “home” after 40 years.  My motivation was to be closer to my extended family, including my ageing mother.  What I didn’t know was that less than 6 months after returning “home” I would be diagnosed with cancer.  The past year has been hard, but I truly believe I am in the right place at the right time.  From the excellent care that I have received at the B.C. Cancer Agency “Centre for the North”, to the support of my extended family, I most definitely came “home”. 

Beautiful BC

While I have been dealing with my personal challenges, I have had the opportunity to fall in love with my hometown all over again.  “Beautiful B.C.” is not just a license plate slogan.  Just a short drive from Prince George, one can experience the beauty of Mount Robson and the Ancient Forests – but how about all that we have closer to home?  The rainbows of my childhood frequently grace our skies, we have amazing parks and public art, we have numerous community events, multiple farmers markets and artisan fairs.  And how about the short commute to work and medical appointments, as well as easy access to many types of recreation and shopping?  I have been grateful for the opportunity to use both the CN Centre and Masich Place Stadium to make walking year-round accessible for me.  I have been inspired by the support that the community gives to many valuable groups and organizations:  the Prince George Hospice Dream Home Lottery, PG Humane Society, Goodsir Nature Park and Wheelin’ Warriors of the North to name a few.  I love learning about “acts of kindness” on the Hell Yeah PG Facebook page.

The simple answer to the question, “What makes Prince George home?”, is about “my people” for me…my kids…my extended family…but the city and all of the many benefits it offers, make it very easy to call Prince George “home” (again).