What makes me happy with living in Prince George you ask?

Living a full life means keeping a healthy connection with your spirit, emotionally; physically; mentally; spiritually and financially.  For me living in Prince George is like living in a bowl of opportunity. One can reach out in so many areas to satisfy any hankering you have.  You can be in the city eating “appies” with a friend, and then, 15 minutes later hiking on a groomed trail in the woods.  Not to mention, there is an insurmountable number of clubs and organizations to share your time with as a Volunteer.

Depression and disappointment

 When I recently found myself on a disability pension, and down in the dumps, I realized that I needed to refocus and make a decision about what I wanted to accomplish in my life.  

Volunteering was a beacon for me

I became a volunteer with Project Friendship Society.  In my volunteer role I support adults with diverse abilities. This new role has given me more than just something to fill a few hours; it has given me a new outlook.  I truly am blessed that I can support these unique individuals and teach them to bring out all of their gifts.  I’ve always had a love of people and Project Friendship has given me the chance to show my feelings and appreciation.

Connecting with others on several levels leads to happiness

Volunteering is more than just doing tasks for others without pay. I am realizing that the benefits I am realizing go well beyond my actions and tasks.  Through my volunteering, I am finding happiness and joy again, as I see firsthand the reciprocity of caring, giving and kindness shown by others.  There are so many amazing people that I am being emotionally touched by.  This community is all-inclusive and strong, and living here feeds my emotional, mental and physical well-being, and really, what more do any of us need? Prince George is my home and I am so proud to be a local and to raise my four beautiful daughters in this community.

Candace McNamara