The Top 10 Reasons why people build Bridges

Reason #1: Bridges bring together two opposing sides of what was once an impossible divide.

Reason #2: Bridges get us to our goal destination.

Reason #3: Bridges allow nature to take its course.

Reason #4: Bridges expand our horizons.

Reason #5: Bridges protect us from being swept out into the depths of the sea.

Reason # 6: Bridges save us ridiculous amounts of time that we can use for better things.

Reason #7: Bridges are a perfect example of how to leverage the power of systems thinking in our daily lives.

Reason #8: Bridges remind us to slow down and appreciate the path we are on right now.

Reason # 9: Bridges take collaboration to install and support us along our way.

Reason # 10: We build bridges because we believe that we can.

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