The ABCs of PG

In the beginning

A is for Assets, of which the community of Prince George has many; including its beautiful sunrises and sunsets which fall on the picturesque landscapes within this area.  B is for Bold as are the hearts of many of the citizens of PG who share countless hours of their time and resources helping one another to build Community.  C is for the community which exists both physically and within the hearts of citizens.  D is for Danger!  As the world and systems within the world grow and expand around PG we need to remind ourselves of what we love about PG and act to ensure that we protect them.  E is for Energy, not in the sense of movement from here to there, but in the sense of a living breathing ecosystem that each one of us is connected to and draws sustenance from.

F is for Favorites, for having what we want and wanting what we have.  What are your favourite things about PG?  G is for Goodwill.  There is plenty of it in PG.  A little-known fact about PG-this city has the most volunteers per capita than any other community in Canada.  Guess what else?  Canada has more volunteers than any other country in the World!  If you do the math, I think you can easily figure out that PG is the world leader for volunteering. 

What Letter Comes Next?

H is for Hard-working.  Mothers, Fathers, Teachers, Doctors, Truck Drivers, Municipal Leaders, Business Owners, Groundskeepers, Sawmill Workers, Childcare Workers, Social Workers, Homebuilders and many, many, more people all trying to earn a living to feed their families in PG.  I is for Impossible.  It would be near impossible for any other community in the world to replicate what we have going on right here in this city.  J is for Jobs, of which the future is looking pretty bright for PG as community leaders and businesses do their best to attract new business development and maintain a level of customer service that is outstanding.

K is for kids, their futures are in our hands.  L is for the Lessons we learn today, may they propel us into the future in such a way that no one suffered in vain.  M is for Music, the songs we all create and sing within our classrooms, workplaces and around our campfires.  N is for Nobody, in PG may we all work to ensure that we support human rights and freedoms for one another, so nobody gets left out. 

O is for Open-mindedness.  As climate change inevitably knocks on our doors, let us become open to the ideas of reusing and recycling our things and perhaps purchasing fewer unnecessary products.  P is for people, 80 000+ of us.  Q is for Questions.  Let us all ask ourselves what we can do to make PG an even better place to live, work and play.  R is for resources, PG has all of the resources we could ever need.  Think of this before you make a decision on where to shop or holiday.  By spending a few more dollars of our income within community businesses, we can significantly impact one another’s livelihoods.

Wait for it…

S is for Sickness, of which there is plenty in PG, no doubt, but health starts from within, so try getting out and going for a walk on one of the beautiful trails and greenways that hundreds of dedicated residents are working hard to build and maintain.  T is for the Two rivers that provide us with endless hours of activities.  U is for Underneath the PG sky.  We are all there, can you picture this?  V is for vulnerable people in PG.  We are all vulnerable, some more than others due to circumstances beyond their control.  Remember to pay it forward the next time you meet someone more vulnerable than yourself.  W is for Whole, as in the whole darn community.  X is for well…lots of cool things, here’s your chance to think of one on your own.  Y is for yesterday.  Forget past mistakes, live for today and celebrate your successes.  Z is for Zest and Zeal and Zillions of ways to appreciate that we all live in PG.

-Laurie Dillman