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About Us

Rich Cultural Traditions

Not only is Prince George a playful community, it is a community with RICH cultural traditions.  Some of the most generous people in the world live right here in the city of Prince George.  It’s no wonder, since more than 400 community groups, non-profit organizations and school sports’ teams depend on the generosity of local residents.  As a passionate community-builder, it is my goal to advocate for the happiness of all members of Prince George.  Especially, the newest members, since happiness is: as happiness does. 

Statistics show that about 2700 new residents move to Prince George each year to explore their dreams, and about the same amount leave the community each year.  When you ask those people who have only lived here a short while why it is they choose to leave, the answer that you get most of the time is that they just don’t feel connected to the community.  Enter ConnectPG!  With the help and support of community-minded individuals like Mark Wessner, Ryan Beer and folks from the My PG Community Grants Committee I hatched a plan to change all this.

When ConnectPG first began, it was based on the idea that Prince George has so much to offer, but most of what happens in this community happens in silos.  Despite, a desire to attract new participants and volunteers, many of our community organizations don’t have the capacity or the manpower to successfully market their organizations to new residents.  Thank goodness for things like Facebook and HellYeah Prince George (HYPG). 

In the Beginning…

After a disappointing search for a program which connects new residents with settled ones, I decided to create one using the idea of mentor-ship based on interests.  ConnectPG is the first of its’ kind in the world and it works like this:  members (called Community Connectors) of the community register on the website with the goal of sharing their interests, passions and/or social groups with up to three individuals who have moved to Prince George with identical interests.  The database does this magical dance, and VOILA, a match is created. An email goes out to the Community Connector asking them to reach out to the new resident.  They meet for coffee and share stories and interests.  Often the Community Connector introduces them to other members of their social groups for the purpose of helping the new resident find ways to volunteer and get engaged in community life

The Two Best Things about this Program…

The best part about the whole program is that the City of Prince George provided a My PG Grant for the program, so it is FREE to partake.  The second best thing about this program is the fact that a number of the team behind the scenes are very talented and committed to the MISSION, VISION and VALUES of ConnectPG.  If you want to learn more, perhaps about how you can participate in this most amazing program, follow this link ConnectPG  to get started. 

Meet you soon

If you find yourself saying all too often that you are just too busy; perhaps, it’s time for you to step back and start playing a little more.  After all, we are called human beings, not human doings, for a reason.  I challenge you to share your passion and interests with people who are just joining our community as a Community Connector


Laurie Dillman