Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I want to become a Connector. How does it work?

 Your participant will be chosen for you based on your shared interests.  As a connector, you will meet your participant, discuss your shared interests and show them how the City of Prince George supports their interests.  Your goal is to help introduce them to new people, new events and new locations based on their interests to which allows them embrace their new home with open arms. Sign up here![zenith_border_divider top=”10″ bottom=”30″]

I want to become a Participant. How does it work?

Welcome to Prince George!  We match you and your Connector based on shared interests and gender.  Not only will you have lots to discuss, but your connector will help introduce you to new people, new events and new locations based on your interests so you can embrace your new home. Sign up here![zenith_border_divider top=”10″ bottom=”30″]

I don’t want to be a Connector or a Participant, but I’d like to support ConnectPG anyway that I can?  How can I help?

We would love for everyone to become an ambassador, and help spread the word about ConnectPG.  Share the program with anyone who could benefit from it.  We would love for you to connect with us so we could ask how you could contribute to the project.[zenith_border_divider top=”10″ bottom=”30″]

As an organization, how can I partner with ConnectPG?

There are multiple ways we are able to help each other. Contact Us on how you would like to partner with us.  [zenith_border_divider top=”10″ bottom=”30″]

Are you seeking sponsorship?

Yes, we are open to sponsorship opportunities, but more importantly we are always looking to partner with organizations.