Connect PG

What is Connect PG?

About UsConnectPG is a volunteer led group of people who are passionate about growing the community.   It is a tool for new members of the community to be used to introduce them to Prince George and how it caters to their interests.  It is the best way for them to start learning about and become engaged with their new community.  

How does it work?

ConnectPG is a Volunteer-driven program that strategically pairs new city members to Prince George based on their interests and social requirements, with the experience and expertise of Connectors. Participants and Connectors meet to create a plan to introduce the Newcomer to 3 different community services, events, or people in order to help the newcomer to start building their own community network. The goal is to help introduce newcomers of the city to new people, new events and new locations based on their interests to which allows them embrace their new home with open arms.

The ConnectPG Handbook outlines the role of both the Connector and Newcomer: Handbook